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It’s been a tremendous honour to have highlighted and welcomed into our family so many world-class, clean headliners.  Through 8 seasons, 24 of North America’s top comedic talents have headlined 224 shows on 39 Circuit tours!


Dan Taylor

MAY 2015

Bob Cates

MAR 2013

Marty Simpson

MAY 2018 SEP 2012

Matt Falk

SEP 2016 MAR 2014 JAN 2012

Cleto Rodriguez

MAR 2019 SEP 2015

John Crist

NOV 2016

Jake Gulledge

MAR 2017

Clayburn Cox

JUN 2016

Max Winfrey

APR 2016

James Mac Neil

NOV 2015

Joey I.L.O.

JAN 2019 JAN 2017 JAN 2014 MAR 2012

Jaron Meyers

SEP 2017

Kristin Weber

JAN 2016

Joby Saad

MAY 2019 NOV 2014

Mike Goodwin

MAR 2018 NOV 2013

Mark Lawrence

NOV 2017

The Fidgets

NOV 2018 MAY 2014

Leland Klassen

JAN 2018 MAR 2015 MAY 2012

Derrick Tennant

JAN 2013

Daniel Woodrow

SEP 2013

Leslie Norris Townsend

SEP 2018

Daren Streblow

JAN 2015 NOV 2012

Steve Geyer

SEP 2014

Timmy Boyle

JUN 2017 MAY 2013 SEP 2011

Upcoming Headliners

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March 2020

Derrick Tennant

Making the most of tragedy. Derrick uses comedy to help others. A brain surgery limited the use of his left side. But Derrick loves life & continues to “look on the RIGHT side” of things. Receive laughter...and encouragement.


March 2020

Mike Goodwin

The refreshingly funny, Mike “The Bowtie” Goodwin, has taken his expectation-defying comedy from churches to swanky galas. Mike has appeared on BET, TBN, was a finalist in the 2016 COZI TV comedy competition & has shared stages with Tim Hawkins & John Crist.


April/May 2020

Michael Connell

Juggling punchlines while landing circus tricks, Australia’s Michael Connell gets a twisted sense of satisfaction making comedy about the unexpected. Bouncing balls...greek philosophy...and he plays hip hop harmonica. It’s stand-up comedy like you’ve never seen before.


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