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Watch Timmy Perform

If a picture is worth 1000 words...then a video is worth at least 1001. Check out these hilarious clips of Timmy’s live performances & some of his other comedic video projects. People who have seen Timmy’s shorts…can’t look away!

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Live on Stage

Footage from "Leland Klassen's Comedy Tournament 2"

  • Short forms: Lying on Line

  • Good Idea Gone Bad

  • Political Correctness: It's Stupid.

  • Parlez-vous Klingon?

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See Timmy's Shorts

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  • Timmy Loves Chocolate Milk

    He gets way too caught up in this moment...

  • Santa Please Bring Back the 80's

    An 80’s retro Christmas song destined for Christmas classic status...

  • And God Said: "Let Canada Be Awesome"

    A completely unbiased & inspired tribute to God’s country...

  • The Most Crowded Dream in History

    An epic re-telling of an epic Star Wars inspired dream with an epic cast...

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Find Out More

Timmy's Bio

His Story

Timmy in 15 words or less: Experienced. Professional. International. Fresh. Unique. Classic. Hilarious. Casual. Passionate. Witty. Charming. Award-winning. Versatile. High-quality. Clean. Need more words?


Comedian Timmy Boyle

His Versatility

Timmy provides everything from emcee duties to 90-minute comedy shows while performing in conference centres, schools, churches, theatres, campgrounds and living rooms at a variety of functions from fundraisers, corporate banquets & outreach to weddings, auctions & even house parties...


The Legend

His Secrets

Timmy is…memorable. His name. His comedic style. His look. Performing alone or sharing the stage…he stands out. Suited up. Nursing a glass of OJ. Shoeless. The top question he’s asked: “What’s with the OJ…and the suit…oh…and the socks?”


Here's What People are Saying about Timmy

  • “Timmy works the room like a pro.  He has great command of his material, bringing a mix of well-written content that was specific to the event and fusing it with ad libs.” 

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