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“I really enjoyed Timmy’s show.  I would definitely recommend his show for ANY audience!”

“Timmy entertained our inter-generational group with good clean inventive humor that brought about laughter and a sense of enjoyment for all.”

“Humour is so important to life’s enjoyment and fulfillment and Timmy let us escape for a short time with his talented delivery.”

“Timmy is witty, personable & professional both in his delivery and in person. It was great to get together as a family for a good laugh.” 

“Timmy was professional and molded his set to fit our time slot and evening.  He did a great job reading and responding with the audience."

“Timmy’s injection of clean yet funny comedy made the evening complete without losing any of its formalities.”

“Timmy kept us laughing the whole time, especially during the live auction. How he could come up with something funny about each auction item on the spur of the moment was amazing!”

"How wonderful to listen to humor based on funny material rather than smut used for shock value.  Thanks Timmy!"

“Timmy was able to create appropriate and versatile comedy to suit everyone in attendance.  He truly has a gift to provide very entertaining & hilarious views on life and himself.”

“Timmy ‘read the room’ beautifully and gave us a flawless performance. His content choices were perfect for the 50th anniversary occasion and antics humourous for all ages.” 

“What really impressed me...there was an 11 year old sitting in front of us & Timmy didn’t say a thing that would have made us uncomfortable to have her hear!"

“Timmy had the whole theater laughing throughout the night but, as an emcee, was excellent at moving things along without humour as well.”

“Laughter is the best medicine and Timmy’s team was the pharmacy dispensing it. Thanks!!!!"

How wonderful to listen to humor based on funny material rather than smut used for shock value.  Thanks Timmy!"

“Timmy works the room like a pro.  He has great command of his material, bringing a mix of well-written content that was specific to the event and fusing it with ad libs.” 

“Timmy’s versatile comedy style connects to every demographic in the audience extending to each one the gift of laughter. You will enjoy a night with Timmy Boyle!”

“What really impressed me...there was an 11 year old sitting in front of us & Timmy didn’t say a thing that would have made us uncomfortable to have her hear!"

“Timmy did a fantastic job as our emcee. He knew exactly what to say to entertain the crowd, but was also professional in keeping us on track throughout the event.” 

“Up Standing Comedy delivers on it’s promise to provide a quality, clean comedy experience!” 

“Timmy did almost two full hours of stand-up, and had us in stitches the whole time – my stomach muscles were sore for about three days!”

“We had a mixture of both young and old. Timmy’s jokes and satire filled our evening with lots of laughs and helped make it a very memorable event.”

“Timmy provided a wonderful 2 hours of laughter with nary one word nor inference that I wouldn’t want my grandchildren to hear.”

“Timmy is a tremendous emcee! He is able to connect different acts together & deals with delays in a way that is witty, fast-paced & keeps everyone laughing.”

“Timmy’s Sonny & Cher bit with the majority owner was great and had people talking and ribbing him for a week which was awesome because it definitely fits our culture.” 

“My stomach lurched before the show, not knowing fully if our congregation & community would share Timmy’s humour...then the laughter started and didn’t stop. Bravo!”

“Timmy’s shows are a pleasure to attend. The quality & quantity is worth the price of admission and more!"

“Timmy had everyone laughing and having a great time.  It was a fabulous time which is exactly as was promised and he pulled it off wonderfully.”

“Timmy is personable, incredibly funny & his show is appropriate for the whole family.  My belly muscles hurt until well after we arrived home that evening.” 

“Timmy provides an offbeat sense of humour that delivers the laughs effortlessly every time.”

“To do funny clean comedy that is all inclusive these days is a tremendous feat, but Timmy pulled it off wonderfully...and he picked on all of the right people! How did he do that?”

“Timmy kept us laughing all evening! If 15 minutes of laughter burns 10-40 calories, we burned a lot of calories that night!!!"

“Timmy was very captivating and extremely funny. It was nice to see such an entertaining show that was completely clean!”

“Timmy tailored his set perfectly for a difficult audience and managed to get a skeptical crowd laughing and fully engaged.”

“Timmy’s comedy show is refreshing entertainment for the whole family.  He does a wonderful job engaging with the crowd and connecting with them."

“Laughter is the best medicine and Timmy gave us a good dose of it.”

“I was very nervous hiring a stand-up comic for a bunch of neuroscientists and neurologists, but my fears were allayed within the first five minutes.”

“Timmy did a great job to sense the direction we were going...and hit it out of the park for a great and memorable event in our community.”

“Timmy instantly built rapport, had the audience laughing out loud & didn’t let up for a minute.  He’s the perfect icebreaker for any event & his level of professionalism was outstanding.”

“My wife and I are big fans of comedy, and Timmy was the best performance we have ever seen!”

“We enjoyed a great evening with Timmy, filled with laughter.  It was fantastic to book a comedian, knowing that the content would be clean.”

  • “Timmy was nothing short of amazing during our corporate event.  I’ve never heard so much positive feedback from our staff and team of advisors.” 

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